This is my first post ever in a forum because I really need help. Kinda 2 weeks ago I was in Portugal and came across to a relly good discount at one Satellite Clicl Mini (L9W-B-102). I bought it and then came back to Brazil. Everything was just fine (only the charger cable broke during my flight but Idk if buying a new miniusb cable is suck a big deal to the computer), until one the computer turned of because the battery died and I haven't managed to turn it on until now.
I plug the charger, it shows the lightning and everything, but it doesn't charges (I have tried leave it for a whole day AND night but nothing) and it doesnt turns on. I really want it to turn on! Besides the obvious, I want it to work 'cause I have lots of homework saved only in it!
Ps.: I would have gone to help by now, but I can't 'cause there's no Toshiba help shop in Rio.