Toshiba satellite c50-a-156

About 2 months ago my laptop keyboard stopped working. When The log in screen came on, the password box filled up with black dots and I was unable to delete them. It was like a key was stuck. I was mid exams so used the ease of access to log in and bought a usb keyboard to use so I could use it as I was unable to find a fix for it online. I also updated from Windows 8 to Windows 10 in a bid to have it working again. I've been using the usb keyboard since (now completed exams) and I've just turned to laptop on. The same thing is happening however now my mouse is not working so I can't click on the ease of access.
I've changed usbs for the keyboard - nothing.

Unplugged, removed battery, turned on. (A lot!)
Seen on a forum to combine these and repeatedly press f2 then f9 enter and F10 enter, but this isn't working on either keyboard.
I've done ctrl alt delete X 2 but still Nothing is coming up.

I've attempted to reboot it by following online instructions but nothing is coming up. It's only responsive when I press enter on usb keyboard once all the endless black dots are there in the password box. Then it comes up its incorrect obviously but I can't press enter again to get back to a clear password box in an attempt to renter my password.

I don't use my laptop that often outside exam time and it's mainly for lesuirely use but this is infuriating.
Also I hope this makes sense because I'm really out of my depth here, I'm clueless on this stuff