My brother has a Satellite C660-1H6 laptop. Unfortunately his HDD went bad.
I installed a new HDD and reinstalled Windows 7 Home Premium, which was originally installed on the laptop.
Setup accepted his product key and installation went relatively smooth, only problem is that after installing the drivers, I cannot connect to wireless network.
Laptop uses an Atheros wireless card, model AR9285.
Things I tried, following forum suggestions:
-Allocate a MAC address instead of "Not present" to the wireless adapter.
-Changing various drivers, including the one from Toshiba page and some from the Atheros page.
-I installed ALL the drivers, I don't have any unknown device or exclamation mark in device manager
-Installed ConfigFree, Flash cards support utility, Value Added Package, Wireless LAN indicator (some users select that some of these are needed)
-I ran Windows troubleshooter
-I did a factory default reset in BIOS
-Although I did not change the antennas before, I also tested the wireless with the 2 antenna connectors replaced the other way on the wireless card.

Fn+F8 works, I can enable/disable the wireless. I can see a list of available networks, including mine. When is try to connect, it asks for password. My router is using WPA2-PSK authentication and AES encryption. I type the password, it tries to connect, but I get the following error message:
"Windows was unable to connect to XXX" (I replaced the SSID of my network with XXX)
After that, my network disappears from the visible networks and reappears only if I restart the laptop, not even disabling/enabling the wireless doesn't help.
I started suspecting a bad wireless card, but I did a test.
On another HDD which I had, I installed Windows 10. Wireless works without any glitch!
I know... I could upgrade to Windows 10, but my brother doesn't like it, he would like to stay with 7.
Also, I could try to change the wireless encryption, maybe it works with a different one, but the goal is not to make it work on my network, but ANY network.
I am pretty sure that I tried lot more things that I wrote here in this post, but I am running out of ideas.
Please, share your experiences.

Best regards,