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Thread: Tecra 9100 - hooking up TV - Please help

  1. Tecra 9100 - hooking up TV - Please help
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    Aug 2005

    trying to hook my tecra upto my 42" plasma, via the video cable. Trouble is the picture is very grainy , to the point where you cannot read any text or clearly see the picture. Ive tried changing resolution but to no avail.

    Would really appreciate any help or tips


    ps I seem to be using the s3`graphics card

  2. Re: Tecra 9100 - hooking up TV - Please help
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    Dec 2004
    Hello Steven

    I really donít believe that you will be able to make it better. I use my 32" LCD TV and the picture quality is not much better. The quality during playing games and watching DVD movies is perfect but writing something is not possible. The symbols are too small and blurred.

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