I have bought a Toshiba S50-B-15N from LaptopsDirect in august. It was Manufacturer Refurbished so it only had 3 months warranty. However I have registered it on Toshiba website and via phone and it should have Pick Up and Return Warranty until august this year.

The screen flickers only in the morning or after I come back from work (like it would need to warm up). After about 1 minute it acts all normal even if I move the display around.

I would book a Pick Up and Return for it but I have that hole on the back of the screen and I do not want to risk 60 pounds for nothing (as they might blame it on that mechanical shock). I know the hole is not relevant but obviously I cannot prove it.

Any ideas?

You have here a video with the usual daily behaveour and a picture of the "hole".



Thank you!