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Thread: Satellite P50-C-18k - Disable optical drive from BIOS?

  1. Satellite P50-C-18k - Disable optical drive from BIOS?
    Ive installed a HDD in the optical drive of my P50-C 18k that will store large files that i don't need to access that often for example a 90GB uni project. my main storage is an SSD so my laptop is silent most of the time so i would like to disable the optical drive as it is quite noisy and creates a lot of heat which causes my fan to come on.
    Ive entered the BIOS but there is only a setting to switch the boot order of the drives but nothing to disable it. The BIOS seems like it lacks functionality so is there any way to disable the optical drive?

  2. Re: Satellite P50-C-18k - Disable optical drive from BIOS?
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    On some models, if you set a Supervisor Password it displays a Device Access Control section in the BIOS.
    Not sure if the P50-C has this feature. If it doesn't, then there is no way to temporarily disable the ODD.

    If you remove the disc from the ODD it shouldn't make any noise.

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