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Thread: When new models Satellite P50-C become available?

  1. When new models Satellite P50-C become available?
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    Mar 2016
    The Netherlands
    My laptop (toshiba L550-117) died a couple of days ago after a long line of service. As a replacement my eye has fallen on a Satellite P50-C-17J for it's superb specs.
    But, my supplier in the Netherlands told me that it is End of life and therefore no longer available. I believe that is the case for all the P50-C series.

    When do the new models (P50-C) become available?

    Or is there a suitable alternative maybe?

    I can't find one that's not a P50-C series myzelf.

    Maybe this is not the right place to ask for this, but I don't know where else.

    Resume min. specs:
    - Sixth generation Intel® Core™ i7
    - NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX™ 950M
    - 8gb memory expandable to 16gb
    - ssd approximately 128gb + approximately 500gb hdd

  2. Re: When new models Satellite P50-C become available?
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    I think the P series is discontinued.
    How about the L series or S series? The higher spec ones are similar.

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