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Thread: Satellite L50D-B-15Z Problem with the cooling system

  1. Satellite L50D-B-15Z Problem with the cooling system
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    Mar 2016
    Hi, I have a laptop about a year ago. And for 5 months I was a problem with the fans. Go out and the following message appears:

    Warning: A Problem with the cooling system has-been detected. Please turn off the computer Immediately, and return it for service.

    The strange thing is that the first time that happened stopped working a week, then one month and finally stopped working until 3 months he has now not start.
    I have even the implied warranty of the product but I have not thought about sending it because it practically need every week for classes. I can use it perfectly but if I perform actions that require higher performance like playing games or upload multiple videos at once begins to warm up, get the message and if continuous eventually shut down.
    What should I do and how I can fix the problem?

    Sorry if I do not understand very well. I do not speak English.

  2. Re: Satellite L50D-B-15Z Problem with the cooling system
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    Aug 2015
    There may be dust stuck in the heat sink.
    blow the dust out through the vent using compressed air.

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