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Thread: Portege M400 AHCI/RAID driver installation solution for XP

  1. Portege M400 AHCI/RAID driver installation solution for XP
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    Hi all.

    I have a Toshiba portage M400 that I got hold of and I was trying to install normal windows XP. This laptop is a pain to install windows XP as it needs a special AHCI/Raid driver or the hard drives will not be detected by this laptop at all.

    I downloaded every single driver for this, from Toshiba and not one of them worked, when loaded with F6 on a floppy. Why Toshiba proved drivers that don't work I don't know. Toshiba seriously need to sort out there drivers and the website, as it's a mess.

    I searched high and low, even on here but no solutions. plenty of threads complaining about the same problem though. This was until I found one very old post from 2009 on another forum, that lead me in the right direction.

    So am posting here and hope it will help others and be easier to find. The drives for Windows 7 work fine, itís just XP that is the issue, due to the way Toshiba made this laptop. You can forget the AHCI drivers from Toshiba m400 drivers page, they don't, wont work. I tried all of them, including the old versions.

    You need to go to Intelís website and download the Intel storage Matrix 5.5 Driver. Here https://downloadcenter.intel.com/dow...torage-Manager.

    Now download the f6flpy32.zip file and then unzip the file. You will need a USB floppy drive that is compatible with XP F6. Not all USB floppy drives work.

    Click on the unzipped Exe file and it will ask you to put in a floppy disk. It will give a warning and then just except and allow it to copy files to a floppy disk.

    Once done, load up XP. In my case it was XP pro with SP3. It should work with all XP versions but this is the one I have tested it with.

    When loaded and once you selected F6, you will see a list of drivers. You need to select the, Intel 82801GBM SATA AHCI Controler (Mobile ICH7M) driver.

    When done, it should detect your hard drive with no issue and then you can continue to install XP as normal.

    Hopefully that will help others after me going round in circles trying to find a solution.
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