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Thread: Portege Z20t - Win10 graphic card driver version

  1. Portege Z20t - Win10 graphic card driver version
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    Dec 2011
    The current driver in my computer is:-
    Device Manager>Display Adapters>Intel(R) HD Graphics 5300>Driver>
    Version= 18-11-2015 Intel Corporation.

    On the Toshiba web site,
    Intel Display Driver Driver Windows 10 64-bit 179.7 MB

    And on the Intel Web site, Driver is 28-JAN-2016

    Now how is the Intel driver at 28-JAN-2016 version 15 and the one in the computer at version 20 but dated NOV-2015 and the toshiba web site says version 10 and says that is still current?

    And all of this is because Firefox does not restore properly and also the computer does not wake up when I open the lid.

  2. Re: Portege Z20t Win10 Video Driver versioning
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    Oct 2005
    I am using Portege z20t with Dynadock 4k and external monitor. The Intel 5300 driver cannot see second display and is clearly not working properly. Will this be fixed? Can I update it to latest version of driver from Intel?

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