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Thread: Satellite L50d-C-13G - RAM upgrade issue

  1. Satellite L50d-C-13G - RAM upgrade issue
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    Feb 2016
    I recently bought a Toshiba satellite l50d-c-13g with a stick of crucial RAM, specs are 8GB DDR3 1600 (PC3-12800) CL11 SODIMM 204pin 1.35V. The Crucial website itself recommended this for my device and I did some research and many people have confirmed that it is compatible as a combination for L50 devices much like this one. The installation itself went great, my machine and OS are picking up the total 16GB of RAM. However I'm experiencing an issue where the RAM is being throttled at 665.3 MHz (which I am assuming is 665.3X2) according to CPU-z and Seccy. My GPU is also being throttled as a result of this as it's using the RAM for shared memory and what's stranger still, is that even though my machine and OS is reading 16GBs, dual channel mode is not activated.

    Currently my OS is not asking for a reactivation, and there is no option to enable/disable XMP in BIOS. Would a XMP profile have to be provided by the OEM for this machine to accept the new RAM or is this a known issue with some other work around to have it clock at a full 800MHz?

  2. Re: Satellite L50d-C-13G - RAM upgrade issue
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    Hi, I know this was some time ago however this website is so unhelpful and Toshiba customer service is appalling! I to am experiancing this issue and was wondering if you ever got round to fixing it? My L50D-C-13G came with 1x8GB DDR3L SK Hynix 1600Mhz RAM made in China, I then brought another exact same model but this one was made in Korea (this may be the issue) but CPU-Z says I'm using 16GB but at 698Mhz sometimes 798 momentarily. It's incredibly frustrating and the Insyde Corp BIOS is just awful and so locked down! Did you find a fix?

    Also while I'm at is, as alot of people have asked if you have ever considered upgrading the L50D-C-13G Display to full HD it can be done! You just need to buy the Toshiba L50D-C-12Z screen and download lastest AMD driver from the website and it will work! Just thought I would let you know!

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