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Thread: QosmioX70-B - does Secure Boot work properly?

  1. QosmioX70-B - does Secure Boot work properly?
    On my Toshiba QosmioX70-B Secure Boot is enabled in the UEFI/BIOS-Setup (F2). Windows 10 Pro, installed on HD, always boots fine.

    When I booted OpenSuse Live KDE 13.2 from DVD for the first time on this notebook I was asked a question I cannot remember exactly. It must have been something like, if I want to bypass Secure Boot or not. I decided to bypass it.

    Now everytime I boot from the above mentioned live DVD no question is raised and the boot process goes straight through.

    On another computer (Dell desktop) I have never been asked such a question and everytime I want to boot from the live DVD I first have to disable Secure Boot in its UEFI/BIOS-Setup (F2).

    What has happend to my Toshiba notebook? I doubt whether Secure Boot is still effective. How can I switch it on once again? Let's remember that the UEFI/BIOS-Setup (F2) still shows Secure Boot as enabled. I prefer to explicitely disable it everytime (as on the Dell System) I want to boot from the live DVD instead of having that doubt.

  2. Re: QosmioX70-B - does Secure Boot work properly?
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    It is still effective, but it sounds like Linux added its own Secure Boot Key to the BIOS, or replaced the Microsoft key.

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