Hi all,
I have inherited a Qasmio Model PQF65A-00Y002 and am trying to revert the computer to its out-of-box condition. I have had to replace the system board with a second-hand one 'guaranteed to work'. There was a slight difference in the boards even though they had the same P/No in that there was nowhere on the replacement board to allow for the TV Connection Board. (Which I have no use for anyway!)
I can get to the stage where it says "HDD RECOVERY MODE" by holding zero or tapping F8, but it stops loading just as the "Loading windows coloured flag" starts to appear. This happens with booting from HDD or Recovery disks.
I have tried using 'ultimate boot CD' and 'gparted live' with no luck. I have tried the Windows repair disk but it only loads the files and then hangs on a black screen with no HDD activity displayed.I have searched for a copy of the "backup media" but it appears to be only available in Europe. Has anyone got any other actions that may allow me to recover this laptop,
Thanks in advance,