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Thread: Satellite L50-b-24x overheating (Linux Mint)

  1. Satellite L50-b-24x overheating (Linux Mint)
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    Oct 2015
    my brand new laptop (where I removed Windows and installed Linux Mint) has a big overheating problem.
    The temperature suddenly reaches peaks of 70-80 c, even when pc is in idle! Only then I can hear fan spinning.
    I've tried to modify grub configuration this way, as suggested:
    GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT='quiet splash acpi_osi="Linux"'
    This seems to bring a little improvement: there are less frequent peaks, but they are still there...
    Any suggestion?

  2. Re: Satellite L50-b-24x overheating (Linux Mint)
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    Sep 2010

    This unit is an i7 with external graphics.
    Both components will generate heat when used.

    You may want to check if there is a single process that peak when your temp goes up.
    Perhaps you can disable any background service..?

    As for AMD, are you using the closed source driver or the open one?
    At any rate, it may be useful to test the other one (change from whatever you are using to the other one).
    Perhaps that may reduce heat generation?

    As last resort, check kernel version.
    Kernel is currently at 4.3. Some interesting AMD changes has been implemented since 4.2.
    Don't think they are cooling related, but perhaps it's worth trying.
    BR Tom

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