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Thread: Satellite Click Mini L9W - B unrecognized keyboard

  1. Satellite Click Mini L9W - B unrecognized keyboard

    I've a problem with my Tablet PC Satellite Click Mini L9W - B. The keyboard isn't recognized on it.

    I've tried to clean the connector, reboot the tablet many times , tried to charge it with or whitout the keyboard, but nothing works !
    I don't think the problem comes from the battery as I've seen it on other topics since the tablet doesn't even detect the keyboard when I plug it. The tablet doesn't detect the keyboard battery.

    So, if you can give me any advices or help to solve my problem, i'd be grateful :-)

  2. Re: Satellite Click Mini L9W - B unrecognized keyboard
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    There is no communication with the keyboard at all? (No battery detected, touchpad and keyboard not working?) it must be a connection related issue I assume. If it was a driver related issue, then the battery would at least get detected)

    If you want to void your warranty, you can open the tablet and keyboard dock and check the ribbon connectors or/and remove and place the ribbon connectors from the connecters back in

  3. Re: Satellite Click Mini L9W - B unrecognized keyboard
    No the battery wasn't detected and neither the touchpad or the keyboard were working.
    But! This morning I tried once again to make it work but when I tried to use the keyboard it worked. The touchpad didn't and no battery was detected so I reconnected the keyboard to the tablet and everything was working fine. The battery said 0% though, but it is weird because it was charged when it stop stopped working and I let it charge for hours after that...

    Anyway I think the problem comes from the connection as well. I'll just wait to see if the problem happens again before doing anything.

    Thank you for your help

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