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Thread: Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - Keyboard not responding

  1. Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - Keyboard not responding
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    Sep 2015
    Hi all help required im feeling a bit thick.. Recently upgraded to windows 10

    Yesterday noticed that keyboard, track pad and battery were not working properly.

    I have resolved the trackpad, by using the toshiba system drivers

    I have resolved the battery by updating the Bios to 1.7

    However the keyboard has got me pulling out what little hair i have left..

    I cannot get the keyboard to respond that the system drivers would fix, i my case no they have fixed the trackpad though.

    Any assitance to resolve this would be greatly appreciated..


  2. Re: click mini L9W - B.. Keyboard not responding
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    Aug 2015
    Have you tried installing the Intel Platform drivers listed for Windows 8. I seem to remember they were neccesary when I did a clean upgrade

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