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Thread: Satellite Z830-10T - Battery Replacement

  1. Satellite Z830-10T - Battery Replacement
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    Sep 2015

    I would like to know how I can replace my PC (Satellite Z830-10T) in Japan.

    Two years ago I bought the PC in UK and now I'm living in Japan.
    The battery of the PC is now running out and not recharged any more, so I think I need to replace the battery.
    Then, I asked to Toshiba support in Japan to replace the battery but they declined my offer, because they deal with only products sold in Japan.

    Could anyone tell me how I can replace the battery of my PC in Japan?
    Do I send the Customer Center in UK? If so, what is the address? How does it cost?
    Or, it might be necessary to think to replace the battery by myself. In that case, could anyone tell me what the battery product number is?

    Thank you in advance.


  2. Re: Satellite Z830-10T - Battery Replacement
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    Feb 2005
    It is not easy to give you a good advice what you can do. Problem is that your notebook must be disassembled and this should be done by authorized personal only.

    Maybe you can order battery from UK and ask ASP in Japan to exchange it. It should not be problematic. I can just imagine that they have problem to order original parts.

    Try to order it in UK or maybe you have someone who can do this for you and send it to you.

    Check also similar thread - https://forum.toshiba.eu/showthread....llite-Z830-10U

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