I am new in this forum but I came here to solve a problem of my satellite c40 b display. Recently I have updated my laptop into windows 10, but I can recognize a strange behavior of the display. Like if I keep a browser or window open for long time then after closing it my screen keeps an impression of that screen for long long days, some times it gets rid of it and sometimes it doesn't. Like recently I have kept open my facebook account for a night and after that day after closing the window my desktop screen kept the whole impression of it.

What have I tried:
1. I have checked it in another external display and that looks ok.
2. I have opened and closed the battery nothing changed.
3. I have restarted several times but no progress.

Now my desltop screen is keeping an impression of my facebook home page all the time, though its so small in size but its anooying and sometimes after a long day it gets out but keeps happening from the same reason.

Any solution of it?