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Thread: Satellite P200-RT2 - Need some help with recovery

  1. Satellite P200-RT2 - Need some help with recovery
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    Mar 2011
    I made a booboo and need some help/advice to get things fixed.

    My husband has a Satellite P200-RT2 running Win XP 32 bit (came with Vista but had been upgraded). The battery needs to be replaced, does not charge and he made the error of unplugging it while it was in the process of shutting down, but had not shut down completely. Laptop would not boot, even in Safe Mode.

    So, I thought to try inserting a Win XP Pro disc thinking it might work to reboot the computer and get it started again. Nope, it took over and completely reformatted the laptop. So great, now have Win XP Pro on it, but cannot load all the Toshiba drivers which I downloaded from the Toshiba site.

    I haven't been able to find out if there's a specific order to load the drivers.....have been doing some reading and am wondering if the BIOS one should be first?

    Needless to say the Toshiba Recovery software is gone on the P200-RT2, I cannot find a separate drive which supposedly would contain it, there are only two drives listed, Drive C and D (for DVD's).

    Toshiba tells me Microsoft sells the Recovery software, MS tells me only Toshiba sells it. There are sites online that have the recovery discs for Vista which I could buy/download but am unsure about which ones are reliable/safe.

    Should mention that I have a newer Toshiba Laptop (L675-40X, Win 7) and have recovery discs for it.

    Is it possible to use these recovery discs to get the Toshiba software loaded on the old P200-RT2?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

  2. Re: Satellite P200-RT2 - Need some help with recovery
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    Recovery image is specific software package and created for certain notebook model so you cannot use it on different notebook models.

    Now after WXP downgrade on this P200 you cannot use recovery image anymore. All you can do now is to install own OS version and install all necessary drivers, tools and utilities that you can download from Toshiba support page.

    Long time ago I had P200D and I have used it with Win7 32bit and I can say that notebook performance was very good. I can just advice you to install Win7.

    This is pretty old notebook model so I’m afraid you will not be able to order original recovery image. What you can try is to contact nearest service provider and ask for help. Maybe they can order one for you.

    By the way: where have you bought your notebook (country)?

  3. Re: Satellite P200-RT2 - Need some help with recovery
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    Mar 2011
    I am from Canada.

    Yes, I realize now that the recovery software is specific to the laptop.
    That is unfortunate, I was hoping the windows environment recovery CD might work to at least install the drivers that are missing.

    I did go to check Toshiba Canada's site to see about WinXPPro drivers but could not find any listed.

    Not sure what to do next. I have at least 10 drivers with yellow question marks in the Device Manager.
    I did call MS here in Canada but they do not have Vista any more, I would need to go to a MS store and buy a new copy.
    I don't want to spend the money on that, it is an old laptop and I have already "bought" the software.

    If I could get the XPPro to work, would leave that as the OS.....but I don't know where to find the drivers.
    The fellow at MS told me how to run dxdiag and said I might be able to find generic drivers on the internet.

    I will have to download them to my Win7 laptop and copy them to the XPP laptop. It is very frustrating that there are no downloads available for Vista for those of us who have already paid for it and have a legitimate product key.

  4. Re: Satellite P200-RT2 - Need some help with recovery
    If I could get the XPPro to work, would leave that as the OS.....but I don't know where to find the drivers.
    Satellite P200-RT2 PSPB0C is an Canadian model.
    But the same model was released in Europe under the model number: PSPB0E

    You will find all Win XP drivers on the Toshiba EU driver page:

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