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Thread: How to downgrade BIOS on Portege Z30-B?

  1. How to downgrade BIOS on Portege Z30-B?
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    Mar 2015
    Hello everyone,

    I upgraded the BIOS on my Z30-B-119 laptop, and it is much worst than the original BIOS so I would like to downgrade it.
    There was no way to save the original BIOS when updating and the previous BIOS is not available on the website.

    Do anyone have the original BIOS and knows how to extract it?

    Or maybe someone knows how to contact Toshiba technical team directly? (Seeing what they implemented in new BIOS, I have no hopes they read this forum or care about user opinions.)

    If you wonder why I want to downgrade and what is wrong with it, see below for explanation.

    I was convinced that the new BIOS would fix the problem with the fan, which switched on way too early, but it turned out they made it much worst! Now the fan switches on at 42. Before it was 50, which was already a stupid choice of Toshiba engineers, providing that the temperature rating of this CPU is 105 so they could keep the laptop quiet at least up to 60, especially that many people complain about the fan in this model. Instead, Toshiba did the opposite and lowered the temperature even more.

    Seeing how senseless choices their engineers make, I will never buy another Toshiba and will not recommend anyone buying their products. But since I already made the mistake an bought a Toshiba laptop, I hope I will be able to downgrade the BIOS or contact them to ask for an update.

    Let me know if you know how to do it.

  2. Re: How to downgrade BIOS on Portege Z30-B?
    Toshiba Portege Z30-B-119 PT253E-01100XPL
    This European model belongs to PT253E series

    The Portege Z3x-B PT253U (the same model) has been released in USA and it supports the same BIOS

    The BIOS for the PT253U is compatible with PT253E and can be downloaded here:

  3. Re: How to downgrade BIOS on Portege Z30-B?
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    Mar 2015
    Thank you very much for your advice! It worked!
    (The windows version wasn't able to downgrade so I did it from a USB drive under DOS.)

  4. Re: How to downgrade BIOS on Portege Z30-B?
    Thanks for the feedback!

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