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Thread: Satellite 300CDS - CPU and memory upgrade

  1. Satellite 300CDS - CPU and memory upgrade
    Dear Sir or Madam!

    I own a bit old laptop, and I would like to increase the processor's and the memory's clock speed, but I have no idea how to manage it.BIOS 6.30 version Toshiba Satellite 300CDSI haven't found the clock speed settings in the BIOS.

    I tried out some programs to increase the clock speed, but it failed. Thats the reason, why I write this letter to you.

    Please help me to figure out, how is it possible to increase the clock speed.

    Yours faithfully,
    Bálint Kecskes

  2. Re: Satellite 300CDS - CPU and memory upgrade
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    I’ve googled bit around but I was not able to find any useful information about RAM upgrade.
    It is originally offered with 16MB RAM and can be upgraded up to 144MB but I don't know which modules can be used.

    It is very interesting what you can do but I really don't know what you can do with this old piece of hardware designed for old Win95.

    I mean it is nice if it still works but I cannot imagine that you can do anything useful with it. Am I wrong about that?

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