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Thread: No display on Portege Z30-A screen but HDMI / RGB ports work

  1. No display on Portege Z30-A screen but HDMI / RGB ports work

    I have a 6 month old Z30-A Portege i7 laptop (PT243A-0HW02X) running Windows 7 64bit, and the 13.3" 1920x1080 internal display screen is not working - nothing is displayed on the screen.

    However I can connect an external monitor via the RGB cable port or to the HDMI port and still use the laptop that way.

    I have tried various Function F5 Output toggles choosing Clone, External, Extend, Switch Display, but nothing works to get output back again to the laptop display screen.

    On the External option I see a laptop icon in grey colour with a X on the screen, and a '1' on the other display icon, and a window appears for 'Toshiba Flash Cards' with red x error message " Failed to initialize Output Configuration dialog!".

    There is no further help available to tell me what the problem is.
    When I choose the Function F5 Output Configuration option, the 'Internal' line is greyed out, so I can't select it.

    Has anyone else had this issue?
    Could a BIOS update help to tell me if there is a hardware issue?
    There is nothing about the display error in the Windows event viewer.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Toshiba display configuration.JPG   Toshiba flash cards failed to initialize output configuration dialog.JPG  

  2. Re: No display on Portege Z30-A screen but HDMI / RGB ports work
    I have a similar problem.

    When I boot up, I see the Windows 7 logo, but then everything goes black after that.

    I can start the computer in safe mode and the laptop screen works no problem. In Safe Mode I can even switch to 1920x1080 resolution. So the video hardware + drivers are working, just not in normal Windows mode.

    Tried reinstalling video drivers but no luck.

    I also wiped the computer and reinstalled Windows 7 + video drivers and still no luck...

    It started happening literally out of the blue... after six months, like yourself.

    I have a Z30t-A-123.

    Does anybody from Toshiba respond here or are we left to our own devices?

  3. Re: No display on Portege Z30-A screen but HDMI / RGB ports work
    Ok... I have progressed a bit.

    Now I have uninstalled the video drivers altogether, and just run the laptop using the plain vanilla video drivers that come with Windows (the ones that safe mode uses).

    Now I have the laptop screen running at full 1920 x 1080 resolution in normal Windows (not safe mode).

    Only problem is I now can't connect an external screen, because the drivers are required for that. So hopefully I won't be giving any presentations any time soon.

    Toshiba really should concentrate on supplying decent drivers. Ever since I bought this laptop I have had nothing but grief from anything Toshiba software related. Like the Toshiba battery level monitor that used 1 GB of RAM. I kid you not...

  4. Re: No display on Portege Z30-A screen but HDMI / RGB ports work
    As I’m mistaken the CPU built in this Z30t-A-123 should be the Intel i7-4510U and this CPU supports the Intel HD Graphics 4400.

    The latest graphic card driver for this Intel graphic could be downloaded from Intel page:

    Here you will get the list of drivers for the Intel HD 4400

    I recommend you to choose the ZIP package in order to install the driver within the device manager using Advanced installation procedure.

  5. Re: No display on Portege Z30-A screen but HDMI / RGB ports work
    Thanks for the advice, but that doesn't seem to help either.

    On the upside though, now that I am running this laptop using plain vanilla Windows 7 with the only driver installed being the one for the Touchpad, it is lightning fast.

    No lag when typing, instant response from Google Maps. Amazing how Toshiba can conspire to slow down such an amazing piece of hardware.

  6. Re: No display on Portege Z30-A screen but HDMI / RGB ports work
    Now it works.
    I let Windows run some updates overnight and it seems to have retrieved the correct video drivers.

    It seems that the video drivers that Toshiba bundled with the laptop are not good.
    The ones on the Toshiba website for this model laptop are also not correct.

    To anybody with a Toshiba laptop (and this is also advice from other laptop owners I know... and not only limited to Toshiba), as soon as you buy the laptop, wipe the computer, delete all the recovery partitions, and get your hands on a plain vanilla version of Windows, install that and let Windows install all the drivers through the Windows update service. You will end up with a stable and very fast computer...

    Only feature I don't have now is the keyboard backlighting.
    There are probably some Toshiba drivers for that, but I'd rather not install them.

    I never use keyboard backlighting anyway.

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