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Thread: Qosmio X500/00X System Recovery (Factory Reset) From Hard Disk Drive or Separate Disk

  1. Qosmio X500/00X System Recovery (Factory Reset) From Hard Disk Drive or Separate Disk
    Hey Guys,

    Looking for your advice and any links if any...cheers in advance

    My Situation

    In December 2009 I purchased a Toshiba Qosmio X500 - Model No. PQX33A-00X00J

    At the time I upgraded my purchase from Toshiba Reseller BD4U, going from the standard 1x 500GB Sata drive + 1x 64GB SSD... to instead having 2x 500GB sata drives. I purchased with 3 year onsite next business day warranty, that is is now expired.

    It came loaded with MS Win 7 Premium Home Edition - but no disks provided.

    My Needs

    1. I need/want to factory reset my PC - its starting to run slow
    2. I need to re-partition from my existing 4x partitions to just having 2

    The Issues

    1. Possibly as a result of upgrading the disk drives at time of purchase, I don't believe I have a hidden Recovery partition in order to do a System Recovery from the Hard Disk Drive - see image of my current partitions attached Click image for larger version. 

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    2. I don't have Win 7 OS installation disks or Toshiba Driver disks as they should have been installed by Toshiba

    My Questions

    1. Do You agree that I DONT have a Recovery Partition - when looking at the partition image? I'm confused on this point coz people say its hidden!?
    2. Given I have no Toshiba Drivers Disk or Windows 7 OS disks - what should I do? I'm thinking of downloading Win 7 (use my product key from sticker under PC) and making a disk/USB (but need to learn how)
    3. Is this where I get ALL necessary Toshiba drivers for my PC from?
    4. Does Toshiba provide a link on its site and instructions on where to get Win 7 from so I can make a recover disk??

    Tried to email Toshiba support but at step 1 of their email process validation failed due to my PC being out of warranty so will call them on Monday instead

    THANK YOU THANK YOU, for any help you can give big ro small


  2. Re: Qosmio X500/00J System Recovery (Factory Reset) From Hard Disk Drive or Separate
    Sorry the model is Qosmio X500/00X

  3. Re: Qosmio X500/00X System Recovery (Factory Reset) From Hard Disk Drive or Separate
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    When you buy new notebook with preinstalled OS (factory settings) original recovery image is saved on HDD. On some older models it was saved on second HDD partition and it was “visible” in Windows Explorer. Later Toshiba has saved this recovery image on separate hidden partition. This partition was not visible in Windows explorer but it was listed and visible in “Disc management”.

    With original factory settings every notebook owner is able to create recovery media (DVD) and use it later if HDD recovery image installation is not possible. In user’s manuals document it is described how all this works. Please note: product key from the sticker belongs to the original Windows version and cannot be used for activation when you install own OS version using Microsoft disc.

    As I can see this recovery partition is not available on your Qosmio notebook and recovery image installation is not possible.
    Now you have two options:

    1/ Original recovery image installation
    2/ Windows installation using Microsoft installation disc

    If you use option 1 you should try to contact nearest Toshiba service provider in your country and ask if you can order original recovery installation disc. It is, of course, easiest way to have original factory settings again.

    Option 2 is more complicated. You must install own OS version and additionally install all necessary drivers, tolls and utilities manually one by one. All of them you can find on Toshiba download page (posted link is the right one).
    It is not so complicated and you can do this alone and we can assist you. As I already wrote for OS activation you need valid product key.

    If you have more question please feel free to ask.

  4. Re: Qosmio X500/00J System Recovery (Factory Reset) From Hard Disk Drive or Separate
    WOW, thanks Macius for that great, full and thorough reply...cheers mate

    I suspected I didn't have a recovery partition - so thanks for confirming it as I planned to risk it and try! I guess it doesn't really matter why, and it would be futile to go and blame the re-seller or Toshiba at this late stage in the game in hopes they would help...

    Yeah, I just went to Microsoft Software Recovery hoping to download Win 7 OS and create a recovery disk but of course Microsoft would NOT allow it due to it being software that was pre-installed on the device blah blah blah (see error image)

    And I didn't bother back then in 2009 to create recovery media as you wisely descibed, mostly due to laziness and mentally putting it in the 'too hard basket'...I didn't really understand it - or much about computers at the time.

    Re - your Option #2 - thanks for confirming Toshiba drivers. I could/can do this - but don't really want to buy something I already have, perhaps I'll check out ebay or see if a friend has a disk

    Re - your Option #1 - I'm currently based in Vietnam and wont be back in Oz till late in the year, so will see if I can find a reliable Toshiba service provider here - but wont hold me breath on this one

    I'm thinking that IF Option #1 is a No-Go then - maybe Plan B or Option #3 could be:

    1. Do an Audit of Programs to identify those I don't need and can safely remove - then remove using Control Panel/ Remove Programs tool
    2. Reformat all other drives (not C:// where OS is)
    3. Then use some re-partition software e.g. Disk-Partiton.com

    Any final thoughts???

    Anyhow - thanks very much again

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