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Thread: Boot issue on Satellite L50D-B-14P

  1. Boot issue on Satellite L50D-B-14P

    I have a satellite L50D-B-14P which is only 7 months old and in for 3rd repair.
    The issue this time is when I press power button lights, the fan kicks in the caps light is on, the numbers lock light is on but nothing else happens.

    I have tried several times but the outcome is the same.
    I called the support line who told me to hold power button down for 30 secs but still nothing.

    Does anyone have an ideas as currys trying to say it's software and is not covered.

  2. Re: Boot issue on Satellite L50D-B-14P
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    You might need to remove the AC adaptor and the battery. Then press and hold the power button 30-40 sec long. Repeat this procedure 4-5 times in the row.
    In case the notebook will not power up again, contact the Toshiba authorized service provider for hardware diagnostic check.

    If the unit is covered by warranty, the hardware problems should be fixed free of charge.

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