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Thread: Satellite u920t - Touchscreen does not work

  1. Satellite u920t - Touchscreen does not work
    Since i installed MS office 2013 the touch screen function is not available any more in the system settings.
    Who can help me?

    Best regards Jürgen

  2. Re: Satellite u920t - Touchscreen does not work
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    Hi Juergen

    Which machine do you have?
    Have you tried to remove Office and test functionality again?

  3. Re: Satellite u920t - Touchscreen does not work

    I have a Satellite u920t and the touch screen has also stopped working in the last couple of days. I may have had an update go through but cant think of anything I have done anything that might have effected it. Cant find any touch screen calibration options in settings either.


  4. Re: Satellite u920t - Touchscreen does not work
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    If it's software issue, check firstly this workaround:

    1. Window+run
    2 .type services.msc
    3. go to Human interface device access
    4. right click --->property---->start up type----->automatic (delay start)
    5. restart the notebook

  5. Re: Satellite u920t - Touchscreen does not work
    Hi Randy

    Gave that a try and no luck. Any other thoughts?

  6. Re: Satellite u920t - Touchscreen does not work
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    Does it happen only while the screen is pushed up?

    I read about the similar issue in different thread and this problem could be related to lose connection.
    Such kind of issue must be fixed by authorized service provider.

    But before contacting ASP you should recover the device and the system to factory settings…

  7. Re: Satellite u920t - Touchscreen does not work
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    This is a design fault, it simply has to be. Toshiba should recognise this and stump up the repairs to sort it.

    My Toshiba started to act funny with the touch screen not working, since then the screen started to flicker until it now won't turn on. Works on HDMI so something non software and non gfx card is causing the problem,. Clearly either the digitiser or exposed and constantly moving ribbon is broken. I barely use the thing too.

    If you are in the UK this product you should be covered, we have 6 years to follow up on this fault which is manufacturing/design caused, not user! This laptop was not sold fairly under the Sale of Goods Act 1979, which states products must be 'satisfactory quality and fit for purpose'. This product is not.

    Example of this are the many people who have complained, ebay sales of faulty screened u920t's, the spike in sales for this models screen digitizers as well as LCD cables.
    Nothing from Toshiba so we can't even repair what is definitely wrong! This is admittance of guilt, they can't draw attention to it because it's their fault.
    A high spec, expensive ultrabook like this should not malfunction so quickly and obviously.

    My advice? Threaten Toshiba, your legal rights have been infringed and they should be held accountable.

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