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Thread: Satelllite L505-10X - CPU upgrade

  1. Satelllite L505-10X - CPU upgrade
    Hello, someboby know what is the list of CPU support my L505-10X P/N: PSLS3E-02401AR with BIOS 2.10, I put T9400 it work but i have QX9300, i think it wont work. Sorry i'm not very good in english



  2. Re: Satelllite L505-10X - CPU upgrade
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    You will need to check firstly, what kind of CPUs are supported by chipset.
    If chipset supports new CPU you’ve got good chances to get a new CPU working.

    But beside the chipset support, the BIOS must support new CPU too.
    So even if the chipset would provide such support, without BIOS support you will not be able to perform such CPU upgrade.

    On Intel page you should be able to find all details about the Intel chipset support.

  3. Re: Satelllite L505-10X - CPU upgrade
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    Generally speaking CPU upgrade is not supported so I really don't know if this is so gut idea. From my point of view CPU upgrade may be very risky and I don't think it will bring much more performance than before. CPU used in notebook is OK.
    In my opinion you should upgrade RAM and change standard HDD with very fast SSD. Both upgrades are supported and definitely no risky for the system.

    I have done this on my machine and I’m very satisfied. Notebook runs much faster and it is pretty quiet now.

    By the way, check please http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB9401AX0001R01.htm

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