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Thread: Satellite Pro C660-29W; How to remove Supervisor Password

  1. Satellite Pro C660-29W; How to remove Supervisor Password
    Hi all,
    I have been locked out of my bios and I don't know the password either. My little brother was playing with my laptop and accidently set the supervisor password. Is there any way I can recover the password or reset it? I really need to change my boot sequence as I just bought a new SSD and need to format my notebook. Suggestions will be highly appreciated.

    The following are my laptop details and bios version

    Toshiba satellite Pro C660-29W

    CPU Intel Core i5 2410M

    8GB DDR3 Ram

    BIOS: AMI BIOS - Aptio Setup Utility
    System Bios ver: 1.50
    EC Version: 1.50

    Thank you

  2. Re: Satellite Pro C660-29W: How to remove Supervisor Password
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    Supervisor password is very important security feature and some kind of “user reset” is not possible. You can cancel it but you must know the right password to confirm that you are the real notebook owner.

    Toshiba service provider in your country can help you with this. You must just approve that you are notebook owner and they can cancel it for you. Of course you must pay for it.

    As far as I know there are several techniques for password removal and it depends on notebook model.

    Contact nearest Toshiba ASP and ask for help.

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