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Thread: Satellite C660-13R - BIOS update issue

  1. Satellite C660-13R - BIOS update issue
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    Hi all

    I was updating BIOS on TOSHIBA SATELLITE C660-13R from windows 7 64 bits. Downloaded driver from toshiba web. Half way the installation laptop freezes. I have left it for 40 mins to run but it did not get back to normal state. As motherboard fan has started to move on high speed I decided to take battery out. In result when I power back my laptop I have 1 beep from the motherboard and black screen.

    Can some one help me please ?

  2. Re: Satellite C660-13R - BIOS update issue
    Obviously the BIOS update procedure has failed. Something went wrong during the update process and it looks like the EMRPOM module has not been flashed properly.
    This is the reason why the notebook does not work anymore.

    Possible solution?
    Well, if EMPROM isn’t damage, it should be possible to re-flash the BIOS module once again using special BIOS version and BIOS crisis disk.
    Usually the Toshiba authorized service provider in your country should be able to re-flash the module using such crisis disk.

    I read also in this forum that some people managed to re-flash the EPROM module using some 3rd party crisis disk found somewhere in the internet… but this did not work always…
    So probably the ASP will be your last resort…

    However, use the forums advanced search option to find related threads about the BIOS crisis disk… could be interesting for you

  3. Re: Satellite C660-13R - BIOS update issue
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    I really hope you will be able to fix your problem alone. one interesting thread about similar issue you can find here .
    Check it out.

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