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Thread: Tecra R950 Fan Speed

  1. Tecra R950 Fan Speed
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    Jan 2015

    I have the Tecra R950 (PT530A-00S001) and find that the fan runs at full/high speed pretty much all of the time.

    I am running Windows 8.1 and running on the balanced power setting.

    Is this a common issue with this model?

    Can anyone give me some info or steps to go about diagnosing the issue or should I just send it to Toshiba as a warranty?

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

  2. Re: Tecra R950 Fan Speed
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    Jun 2009

    I would not say it’s a common issue because the fan activity depends on notebook usage.
    The point is that the increased CPU/GPU performance leads to higher temperature due to heat dissipation… and this leads to higher fan activity…

    There are no many settings which could be changed beside the settings within the Windows “Advanced Power Options”. There you can change the cooling method to “battery mode” and you can also decrease the max CPU performance from 100% to an lower level… lets say 80%-90%

  3. Re: Tecra R950 Fan Speed
    Hello Matthew

    Some notebook models works quiet and some of them are a bit louder due to faster running cooling vent. I have older Tecra model and must say that it is a bit louder than my newer Satellite model.

    As Paolo already wrote check options for cooling method and set it to battery optimized. This should reduce cooling fan activity. Be sure that your machine is placed on the desk and cooling grills are free so that your machine can “take a breath”.

    I don't know how do you use your notebook but if you use it for web and mail (every day activities) you can also use “Power saver” plan. Notebook will run a bit slower but still good enough for some basic operations. I do the same with my machine.

    Of course you can contact nearest Toshiba service provider anytime you want and ask for opinion.

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