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Thread: Satellite M50D-A-10L - Windows 7 UEFI installation

  1. Satellite M50D-A-10L - Windows 7 UEFI installation
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    Dec 2014
    I´m trying to install window 7 on TOSHIBA Satellite M50D-A-10L with UEFI boot.

    First time, I used EFI installation with CSM Boot and it worked fine.

    But after I tried switch to UEFI and do UEFI installation, every time it start loading installation files and after that windows freez on "Starting Windows" screen.

    I've got two peaces of these ultrabooks and they do the same.

    I used Flash disk, USB CD-ROM, two different versions of windows 7, but it have same ending...

    Secure Boot is disabled

  2. Re: Satellite M50D-A-10L - Windows 7 UEFI installation
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    Sep 2009
    I’ve got a Satellite M50-A model (its similar to the M50D-A but it was equipped with nVidia GPU instead of ATI GPU) and could install the Win 7 switching the boot mode to CSM mode.

    Generally speaking the UEFI boot mode can be used only for UEFI capable system like Win 8 or Win 8.1 and some Linux distributions.
    Win 7 isn’t UEFI capable system.

    However, there are different workarounds to install Win 7 64bit (not 32bit) in UEFI using the GUID – partitionstable (GPT). Only Win 7 64bit contains the UEFI boot loader.

    But very important fact is that UEFI installation isn’t available (by default) booting from USB memory stick due to missing uefi boot loader! In case you use the USB memory stick for installation, you have to add the UEFI boot menu… (search in google for more details).

    Last but not least everything depends on BIOS support… in case the BIOS would allow the installation only in CSM mode; all these workarounds would be useless.

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