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Thread: Satellite C70D-A-108 is very slow

  1. Satellite C70D-A-108 is very slow
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    Nov 2014
    My wive purchase this computer coupple of months ago. It was from the beginning ferry slow on windows 8
    The wurst laptop we ever had. We feel robbed of our money.

    2 months ago we started with Ubuntu. It Still slow. IS there anybody with the same problems?



  2. Re: Satellite C70D-A-108 is very slow
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    Sep 2012
    Hi Marco

    I don't have this notebook model and cannot confirm what you wrote but fact is that almost all new notebooks are pretty slow at the beginning. Many applications are set to start with Windows and this, of course, slows down boot time.
    Windows updates are also set to automatic so in the background the machine will download and install many updates so this will slow down your machine rapidly.

    In my opinion you should install original OS that you got with this machine and optimize it a bit.
    Remove all useless stuff, change start-up option and disable automatic Windows updates.
    In the past I have noticed that original preinstalled antivirus is also responsible for notebook’s performance so I don't use original preinstalled application but my own version of Avir Antivir and it runs perfectly.

    Check all these options and I hope your machine will run much better than before.

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