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Thread: Satellite L50D - Boot issues after Hard Drive replacement

  1. Satellite L50D - Boot issues after Hard Drive replacement
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    Oct 2014
    I have just upgraded my hard drive from the pathetic 5400 crod they supply to an SSHD@7200rpm but now have a major issue.

    I initially imaged the os from the old hard drive back to the new drive and have had chronic boot issues (1 in 3-4 boot attempts succeed else it fails at any point (often at the Toshiba startup screen)).

    I've reinstalled from a plain clean Win 8.1 ENT disc (trying to avoid the bloatware) and this has the exact same issue and was what I used to format the laptop fine with previously and worked previously.

    I've tried reformatting and reinstalling (deleting ALL partitions each attempt) in CSM, UEFI non secure and UEFI secure. CSM is a straight never works no go and both UEFI methods have the exact same outcome.

    I've tried with the original restore discs and it seems to work (haven't had time to fully test) but I don't want the bloatware and this should not matter since if I were a customer who forgot to make the restore discs (happens too often) and just had to have a failed or killed hard drive replaced the laptop would now be a door stop.

    This seems as bad as Apple for locking people in :/.

    So I'd appreciate ideas from people please, I'm not sure if there is a prep program that is supposed to be run over a new drive like PS3's etc (I doubt it) but this is driving me up the wall and will be the last time I consider Toshiba as anything other than a joke if there is no fix.

    I've had to replace hard drives a few times in my previous Toshiba laptops and had none of this crod, it has something to do with the UEFI which seems more of a nuisance than assistance at the moment.


  2. Re: Satellite L50D - Boot issues after Hard Drive replacement

    In my opinion you should check firstly if this booting issue is related to the new installed HDD or new installed system.
    You said that the notebook fails to boot often at the Toshiba splash screen.

    The splash screen appears while POST (power on self test) procedure. During this test, the hardware will be checked.
    Iím wondering if the hybrid SSD/HDD isnít recognized by BIOS during this particular step.

    From my point of few this might be the reason why the system cannot be booted up.

    Another important note:
    The Win 8.1 requires enable secure boot as well as the UEFI boot mode.
    Therefore you should enable both options in BIOS.

    Last but not least check if you are using latest BIOS version as well as latest firmware for hybrid SSD/HDD

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