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Thread: Satellite C660-2EV doesn't boot - Boot Mgr not found

  1. Satellite C660-2EV doesn't boot - Boot Mgr not found
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    Aug 2014
    I don't know how but my Grandson has seriously broken his Satellite C660-2EV

    Boot from HDD - Boot Mgr not found

    Boot to recovery partition - Boot Mgr not found.

    Boot from a (Generic) Windows 7 install disk - boots, starts to install, finds it has not got a required driver (but doesn't tell me what it is). Allows me to access drives C:, D:, E: and X:

    Boot from Toshiba recovery DVD. White bar gets around 25% across screen then stops with "You have removed USB media during install" (or something like that, laptop currently in pieces).

    Removed and re-seated memory and DVD drive. Removed HDD, plugged into my PC through USB adaptor and scanned the two visible partitions (300Gb each) at bad sector level. No problems.

    Help! I'm out of options.

    Laptop must be (basically) functional as it will boot from (non-Toshiba) DVD.

    HDD seems OK when checked externally and from (Non-Toshiba) boot

    What's left?

  2. Re: Satellite C660-2EV doesn't boot - Boot Mgr not found
    All you have done is right and I would make the same tests.

    Set BIOS to default settings and test it with another HDD, if you can obtain one for testing purposes.
    I cannot say for sure but somehow I feel HDD is the troublemaker.
    Try to install original recovery DVD on new HDD.

  3. Re: Satellite C660-2EV doesn't boot - Boot Mgr not found
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    Aug 2012
    You should daintily check if the HDD is recognized within the BIOS
    Power up the unit and press F2
    Now on the first BIOS page you should see the HDD details (size, model number, etc..)

    If this isnít the case, the HDD isnít recognized by BIOS and therefore the notebook isnít able to boot the system.

    Now the open question is why the HDD isnít recognized:
    There are two possible reasons for that:
    1) the HDD is faulty
    2) the HDD controller (part of the motherboard) is faulty

    In 2nd case, the motherboard would need to be replaced :( and this might be very expensive affair.

  4. Re: Satellite C660-2EV doesn't boot - Boot Mgr not found
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    Aug 2014
    OK - The quick version - two faults (which may or may not be related)

    1. Serious issues with installation (which may be due to Grandson "trying" to fix problem)
    2. Intermittent error (or marginal performance) with the DVD drive

    Plan A was to copy the two Toshiba Recovery DVD's (as iso's) to two USB keys. The first key booted OK and completed the installation up to where it asked for the second disk. There's no way of either unmounting the key or telling the install to use a different path! (I tried just pulling the key out and inserting the second one but that wasn't having it either).

    Plan B was to use an external USB connected DVD drive. The laptop booted OK (as though from USB), install went fine, swapped to second disk when requested. Install completed, connected to the Internet and let it collect updates for an hour or two and all is fine.

    Still not sure about the internal DVD drive. Once Win 7 was up and running I installed Office 2010 Student Edition from the internal drive. No problem. Either: -

    a. There was a problem with the drive that a complete re-install has fixed (unlikely)
    b. The drive is borderline fail and so is one of the Toshiba install disks - those two (and only those two) fail in combination. (not very likely)
    c. The drive is borderline and Recovery is more fussy than a standard install. Recovery fails rather than cause further issues; Install Office tries again.(possible)

    Thanks to all those who sent suggestions

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