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Thread: Capturing problems with Portege M200

  1. Capturing problems with Portege M200
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    Nov 2005
    Hi i have developed a directshow application which does captures the screen and stores to a movie file. It has Cpature filter -> WMVideo Encoder DMO -> Avi MUX -> file writer. The application works fine in Toshiba Protege 3500 series with trident video Accelerator card on it. But it does not work on Toshiba Protege M200 machine with NVIDIA GeForce 5200 video card on it. Basically the application captures only one frame.

    If i remove the compressor filter then it captures properly. I want to know whats wrong with the machine. With encodre why it is not capturing. i tried on other machiens with NVIDIA video card series and it wont work as well. Why is this so?

  2. Re: Capturing problems with Portege M200
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    Aug 2005

    Well, maybe your application has a bug?
    Unfortunately, Iím not programmer or an applications developer and I canít solve this issue. Sorry, but I donít think that you will find here the answer for you question because the most users are the common Toshiba notebook users not application developer. :(
    Good luck


  3. Re: Capturing problems with Portege M200
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    Sorry but I donít believe that someone can give you a proper explanation about your problem. Like Juan already said on this forum there you can find just usual notebook users with ďevery dayĒ problems.

    Who should explain you something like that on this way?

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