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Thread: Satellite L500-1XR CPU compatibility

  1. Satellite L500-1XR CPU compatibility
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    Sep 2014
    Dear Forum members!

    I have a Toshiba L500-1XR (PSLJHE-001001HU) device.

    Its originally shipped with core i3-330M (C2) CPU.
    I'd like to upgrade it to i5-520M or better CPU -which same socketed, and have same power consumption.

    From this i5 CPU, there are 2 steppings: c2, k0
    My CPU have C2 stepping.

    My question is:
    Is BIOS 2.00 supports K0 steppings CPU's also, or - downloadable newest(?) BIOS 2.10 supports K0 stepping, or not at all?

    So, can I use all, same socketed CPU's, or C2 stepping's only?

    I didn't find any relevant information on internet.
    Where can I find more information about the BIOS changes?

  2. Re: Satellite L500-1XR CPU compatibility
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    Sep 2014
    As I see, 51+ person opened my question, but, still no answer.

    IF is it so difficult question, please, provide me with an idea, where, how can I get this information?

  3. Re: Satellite L500-1XR CPU compatibility
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    Generally speaking everyone who takes this question seriously will not be able to give you 100% right answer.
    Please note: CPU upgrade on mobile machines is not supported and you will not get some official information about that. All you can get is some comment from people who have upgraded CPU on their own risk.

    Try to contact nearest Toshiba service and ask technicians. I presume their answer will be: sorry not supported.

    Maybe stupid question now but why do you think about CPU upgrade? In the past I’ve upgraded CPU on my old P300. I didn’t notice some difference. After RAM and HDD to SSD upgrade I was very happy with performance. RAM and HDD upgrade are supported and you can do it on your own without any risk.

  4. Re: Satellite L500-1XR CPU compatibility
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    Sep 2014
    First, thank you for your reply!

    My CPU is in 35W TDP class.

    When I asked, one of my hardware reseller told me, if I change the CPU to another one have same TDP class, it doesn't matter, is it i5 or i7. - but, in performance, its surely not the same with i3 (and mostly with lowest i3 I have now.)

    Mobile CPU prices for this socket type are low now, garantee for notebook still over, same cooling may enough because of a TDP max, so I can't see any risk.

    When I play games on my laptop, I realise its a bit weak. With higher CPU speed via i5 or i7 CPU's, I can stronger my device for all kind of use.

    Near I know, most users not need this or this kind of information - while in desktop environment, I build my configurations over 15 years - I think, it should not be a magical thing to collect information about the hardware :)

    (my english maybe weak somewhere, sry for that)

  5. Re: Satellite L500-1XR CPU compatibility
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    Sep 2014
    update: I've already contacted local Toshiba certified partner, where the technician was unable to answer my question, that's motivated me to open this thread.

  6. Re: Satellite L500-1XR CPU compatibility
    I think you know that there are two important facts regarding the CPU upgrade:
    The new CPU needs to be supported by chipset as well as by BIOS.

    It’s very easy to find out the chipset support.
    The notebook was equipped with the Mobile Intel HM55 Express Chipset and the support is listed on the Intel ARK page

    Under “Compatible Products” you will find all chipset supported CPUs

    But even if the chipset would support new CPU, there is a still open question regarding the BIOS support. Unfortunately, there is no information about the CPU / BIOS support.

    But from my knowledge the different Satellite L500 models were equipped with Intel Dual Core 2 Duo CPU and Intel Penryn/Celeron CPU support.

    From my point of few if you want to perform an CPU upgrade, you should choose one from the mentioned series.

    But once again: cannot say for sure that such CPU would be supported.

  7. Re: Satellite L500-1XR CPU compatibility
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    Sep 2014
    Interesting moment, my actual i3-330M CPU is not listed as supported CPU in a list U suggested, so I think, its a good way to find the answer from Intel, but not the answer itself.

    Yesterday, after a BIOS upgrade to BIOS 2.10, we tried to apply an SLBU3 coded CPU:


    which have k0 stepping.

    As I know, my i3-330M have c2 stepping.

    Our try with K0 stepping failed, the new CPU didn't start.

    After this, I think, what I can try only, is an another C2 steppings CPU..

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