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Thread: Satellite L500 won't boot

  1. Satellite L500 won't boot
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    Aug 2014
    So today I decided to restart my computer because it was being a bit slow.

    Now the whole laptop wont even boot up. In the picture that happens, then it brings me to the boot menu.
    I try every boot option but it just brings me back to the boot menu.

    When i try to system recover, the screen turns black after it says 'Windows is loading files'.
    I havent done anything to it in the last 24 hours.

    What it looks like when i boot up.

  2. Re: Satellite L500 won't boot
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    May 2011
    On the picture its visible that the notebook tries to boot from the HDD…. But obviously this procedure fails.
    Therefore I would assume that the internal HDD does not work properly…
    Probably the previous slowdowns were related to the HDD issues.

    Try to boot from using a Linux Live CD or another bootable system live disk (WinPE)
    Such “Live CDs” don’t install anything on the HDD and usually even if the HDD would be faulty, the notebook could be booted up.

    Finally I think you will need to replace the HDD in order to reinstall the system.

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