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Thread: Does Tecra M7-132 have voice modem?

  1. Does Tecra M7-132 have voice modem?
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    Feb 2011
    I want to use my toshiba modem to make voice calls like from using stationary telephone
    windows have basic program named dialer, I were able to make call, chosen number, connected to the person, I could hear what the person said, but person on the other side have not heard me

    it's the first time I try to use this technology and either I have something set up improperly or modem is not voice enabled to make regular calls

    (I need normal phone line calls, it's my work, making hundreds of calls daily and looking to speed up process)

  2. Re: Does Tecra M7-132 have voice modem?
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    Feb 2005
    I don't have this old Tecra notebook but have you checked userís manuals and modem description there?

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