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Thread: Satellite A200-1BJ doesnt start

  1. Satellite A200-1BJ doesnt start
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    Jul 2014

    My Satellite A200-1BJ doesnt start. After switching button on it starts only for 1 or 2 seconds (LED blinking, HDD working, fan working, display blank) and then it automatically switches off. Once it happened before several days but I had not time to solve it and during next days it did not occur. Now I tried to start it more than twenty times and it still doesnt start.

    I tried it only with full battery and also only with power adapter. I removed HDD, RAMs, keyboard, DVD, speakers, display and some other connector under the keyboard and it still doesnt start and everytime after 1-2 seconds it goes off.

    In previous months it sometimes went off because of overheating during working so I cleaned it from dust inside.

    Any problem with motherboard or power?

    Thanks for help.

  2. Re: Satellite A200-1BJ doesnt start
    Hmmm...on this virtual way it is not easy to say what the problem is. described behaviour is the same as in case when the BIOS is screwed up after failed BIOS update installation.

    Of course it is “mainboard problem” but what exactly, it is not easy to say. For me it sounds like defective BIOS.

    Have you installed some updates or anything that can be responsible for this?

  3. Re: Satellite A200-1BJ doesnt start
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    Jul 2014
    I have not installed anything last time. I use it mainly for web browsing.

    During this short failed start the LEDs are blinking in blue light as usual.

    Last days I used SD card reader for the first time in this laptop. Is it possible that it can cause this problem? But SD card reader cant be removed from mainboard so how can I check it?

    Last two years I used Windows 8 in this laptop. Originally there was Windows Vista. Is the Windows 8 problem?

    I also think the problem can be caused by unwished locked switch on/off button. Switching on works correctly and button looks ok but the board with button is not demountable. I tried switch on laptop and immediately pull out the connector of button from mainboard. But it still switches off. How to check switch on/off button?

    Can be this problem caused by some little dust or trash on the mainboard?

    Thanks for help.

  4. Re: Satellite A200-1BJ doesnt start
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    Jul 2014
    Today I found out that if the WLAN modul is removed from mainboard then the laptop doesnt switch off but after 1-2 seconds it switches probably to sleeping mode because LED for on/off is blinking red and blue. LED for AC power is still blue and nothing else happens and it is possible only to switch it off.

  5. Re: Satellite A200-1BJ doesnt start
    Hi Jan,

    I think we can follow this discussion about the parts which could be affected but finally i think the notebook’s hardware should be checked in order to find out what’s wrong exactly.

    Fact is that there is some kind of hardware problem… In my opinion it’s not related to any dust or debris inside the notebook. To me it looks like a problem with motherboard but of course, this is only my personal suggestion.

    I guess also other forum user will not be able to say what part is wrong exactly without detailed check.

  6. Re: Satellite A200-1BJ doesnt start
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    Jul 2014
    Thanks to all for answers.

    I still have not this notebook repaired.

    I have read some other discussions about repaired notebooks. The problem could be most probably in northbridge. Also I still tried to start it and it successfully started twice time of about 30 attempts. That is why I think the northbridge is working and it needs only reballing.

    Does anybody think the problem could be in southbridge or videocard chip? In general is it possible that any problem could happen in one of these two chips? Should I reball them also?

    Has anybody similar experience?

  7. Re: Satellite A200-1BJ doesnt start
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    Aug 2012
    In my opinion you should take this „oldie“ and should visit an notebook technician downtown…
    The engineer could check the parts… and then you can decide what you want to do…

    You asking if someone had an similar problems?
    Well, yes; my notebook did not power up but this was related to faulty RAM module.
    My other notebook did power up because the RAM slot (one of the slot on motherboard) were faulty… I had to use only one module…

    A friend of mine bought a notebook. After two month of usage the motherboard died…
    But it was replaced under warranty conditions.

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