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Thread: Satellite C660-119 won't start up

  1. Satellite C660-119 won't start up
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    Jun 2014
    Hi guys I've been having some trouble with my laptop, need some advice.

    I've had my laptop for about 4 years now. For the last couple of months the laptop just shuts down suddenly and randomly. When I click the power button the power light flashed once and the battery light flashed twice, the laptop does not turn on.

    After a while it would but then shut down suddenly again.
    I thought the battery was the problem so I replaced the battery, still the same problem.
    I cleaned the fan and the laptop using compressed air and still the same problem.

    Now the laptop does not even turn on.
    When I press the power button, the power light flashes once and the battery light flashes twice but the laptop does not turn on.

    Anyone faced the same problem before?? Or can somebody help me out??
    Sorry for my amateurish choice of words btw

  2. Re: Satellite C660-119 won't start up
    I think the notebook developed a hardware problem.
    I guess you have no many options: you can test RAM modules because faulty RAM modules could prevent the notebook from booting. But thatís allÖ other parts cannot be checked by common notebook user.

    If you would like to follow the troubleshooting, you would need to follow with other parts like CPU or motherboard. But this is very tricky procedure. Additionally the motherboard is an expensive part and in my eyes itís not worth to purchase such part just for testing purposes.

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