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Thread: I loss BIOS password for my Portege S100

  1. I loss BIOS password for my Portege S100
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    Apr 2014

    I have toshiba portege s100 i loss bios password when i search about it so i found a method i pressed ctrl, teb and ctrl,enter my leptop screen shows s/n and challenge code and system need response code but i do not know response code pleas help me i need response cod the s/n and challenge cod is as under,
    pc serial no = 36738792g
    challenge code= 7N67Y-YVDEA-XQ6VY-KMLCB-1F1ML
    response code=

    Thank you.

  2. Re: I loss BIOS password for my Portege S100
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    Feb 2005

    Unfortunately nobody here can help you with this. BIOS password is very important security feature and it cannot be solved on some public forums.
    This can be solved with authorized service only.

    Response code can be given by Toshiba only and they don't give it to anyone. Only authorized service provider can get it after check if notebook is not stolen.
    Contact nearest Toshiba service provider and they can help you wth this.

    Bye and good luck.

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