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Thread: Touchscreen stopped responding on Portege M750 Windows Vista SP2

  1. Touchscreen stopped responding on Portege M750 Windows Vista SP2
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    Mar 2014
    Have very old Portege tablet that I use for teaching.
    Recently have 2 issues.

    First Fn F5 stopped working (used to tap through different display options and now doesn't)
    It will work with some projectors if turn computer on while connected but not others.
    Have tried all control panel/windows mobility options to no avail.

    More importantly the touchscreen has stopped responding to either finger or pen.
    If I open windows journal and try to write the file name and menu options just go grey and the cursor temporarily disappears.

    After a few seconds if I jiggle my finger on the mouse pad the cursor reappears and if I then click the mouse button the menu options can be selected again, but as soon as I try to write the same thing happens.

    I have checked that all Wacom drivers are working properly and up to date and that the pen and input device settings are correct - please help!

  2. Re: Touchscreen stopped responding on Portege M750 Windows Vista SP2

    To be honest I donít know why the tablet feature stopped working but I guess its software issue and should be fixed by driver/software reinstallation.

    First of all I would recommend you to uninstall the following software parts:

    _Value Added Package_
    This package installs a range of important utilities.
    - TOSHIBA Components Common Driver is an essential component of Windows Vista. It is required to make the other TOSHIBA original programs work properly.
    - TOSHIBA Power Saver controls power consumption by switching to optimum power settings, based on whether the machine is plugged in or on battery power, and based on the remaining battery power.
    - TOSHIBA Utilities lets you customize your hardware settings according to the way that you work with your computer and the peripherals you use. To start the utility, click the Windows Start button and click Control Panel and select the TOSHIBA HW Setup icon.
    - TOSHIBA Password Utility lets you set a password that restricts access to the computer.
    - TOSHIBA Flash Cards provides the Hotkey function and the launcher function that starts the Hotkey function and launches the other TOSHIBA utilities.
    - TOSHIBA PC Diagnostic Tool can display the basic information of a computer and diagnose

    _Tablet PC Extension Package_
    This driver package installs a range of important utilities.
    - TOSHIBA Rotation Utility: Set the default screen orientation you want the system to use when switching from PC to Tablet mode, or vice-versa.
    - TOSHIBA Tablet PC Buttons Driver: You can dedicate tablet buttons to performing common tasks so that you can easily operate your tablet computer when you're away from your workstation. For example, you can dedicate a button to open a program or to change your screen orientation.
    - TOSHIBA Accelerometer Utilities: These Utilities are a set of hardware utilities that work with the motion sensors built into you machine. With the Accelerometer, your machine will be able to detect the way you are holding it at any given moment. You can set the machine to perform a specific function when the unit is quickly tilted to the left or right, or to the front or back. You can also take control of the cursor in some applications and make it move by leaning the PC in a certain direction.

    _Dual Touch Driver_
    - This driver is for the Digitizer and touch screen model. It enables the functionality that the Tablet PC Pen or the finger can be used as a pointing device.)

    After the mentioned tools have been uninstalled, reboot the notebook, clean the system using 3rd tool like CCleaner.
    Then visit the Toshiba EU driver page http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/download_drivers_bios.jsp and download and install the previous uninstalled software!

  3. Re: Touchscreen stopped responding on Portege M750 Windows Vista SP2
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    Mar 2014
    Hi JoeLouis,

    Did everything suggested, toggle function on Fn F5 has been restored - thank you, but unfortunately still no joy with the touchscreen. Any other suggestions please?

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