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Thread: Tecra M9 - no hard disk when installing XP

  1. Tecra M9 - no hard disk when installing XP
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    Feb 2014
    Hi folks,

    I have scoured Google, and this is a common problem with SATA drives.
    There is an easy fix to simply change Bios to IDE, then install XP and change back after.

    Problem is....the ACPI Bios V1.5 does not have any options to make that change, nor to change to Compatibilty Mode (which also fixes the problem.....apparently.

    I have downloaded ACPI BIOS V2, but the catch is it won't work from DOS - only Windows.
    So I'm stuck in a no-win loop!!!

    Without Windows, I can't change the BIOS- without the BIOS change - no hard drive seen.....<sigh>

    Anyone know of a DOS version? Or some other way???
    Before I go completely crazy???

    Oh, have tried also installing Win98, even Win 95 to then upgrade - but nothing works.
    Except Ubuntu - but I sadly need Windows to be compatible with my Desktop machine.

    Thanking you......

  2. Re: Tecra M9 - no hard disk when installing XP
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    Dec 2004

    From my experience you cannot use compatibility mode, install WXP and switch again to AHCI mode.
    F you want to have full HDD performance you should not use compatibility mode. What you must do is to load SATA driver before WXP installation starts. More about that you can read on http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/ann.jspa?annID=38

    Check it out.

  3. Re: Tecra M9 - no hard disk when installing XP
    I agree with Pedro
    Even if you would update the BIOS, the additional BOOT mode option which switches between the AHCI and compatible mode.

    You have to add the SATA driver while Win XP setup procedure.
    The SATA files are part of Intel Storage Manager (can be downloaded from Toshiba EU driver page).

    After SATA files have been added, your HDD will be visible for further system installation.

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