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Thread: Which WLAN card has Satellite C70D-A (PSCENE)?

  1. Which WLAN card has Satellite C70D-A (PSCENE)?
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    Jan 2014
    Hey guys,

    can you help me please? I need to know which wireless adapter is built into the Satellite C70D-A PSCENE.
    I assume its a Atheros. But what model exactly? Need to know this because I want to install the adapter in Windows 7.


  2. Re: Which WLAN card has Satellite C70D-A (PSCENE)?
    It must have Realtek RTL8188EE WLAN card inside.
    Can you find right driver for it?

  3. Re: Which WLAN card has Satellite C70D-A (PSCENE)?
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    Sep 2009
    What Satellite C70D-A- model do you mean exactly?

    The Satellite C70D-A PSCENE series contains different notebook models which were equipped with different WLan card chip.
    As far as I know the Satellite C70D-A PSCENE series supports Realtek and Atheros WLan card.

    By the way: There is only one Atheros Wlan driver for Win 7 64bit system. This one driver should support the Atheros WLan chip build in the Satellite C70D-A and Satellite C75D-A series
    [Atheros Wireless Lan Driver v10. Windows 7 - 64 Bit for Satellite C70D-A, Satellite C75D-A|http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/download_driver_details.jsp?service=EU&selCategory =2&selFamily=2&selSeries=312&selProduct=7890&selSh ortMod=3922&language=13&selOS=all&selType=97&yearu pload=&monthupload=&dayupload=&useDate=null&mode=a llMachines&search=&action=search&macId=&country=al l&selectedLanguage=13&type=97&page=1&ID=89686&OSID =30&driverLanguage=42]

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