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Thread: Tecra M5 - WiFi card upgrade

  1. Tecra M5 - WiFi card upgrade
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    Jan 2014
    I have installed W7 X64 Enterprise on my Tecra M5 (PTM51A) , Installed 4Gb of Memory. Now I want to upgrade the WiFi to N300 with a WiFi card that will load the drivers. I tried an Intel 5100 ABGN (not the Toshiba PA3655U-MPC version) but it will not work. I can only conclude the Tecra is looking for their version.

    Question for me & others: What WiFi N300 cards will install?

    Thanks Johnp4216

  2. Re: Tecra M5 - WiFi card upgrade
    Problem is that officially WLAN card upgrade is not supported and unfortunately there is no info about that. On this forum you can find many threads with the same theme. If you have some time try to use advanced search option and check if you can find some info about WLAN card upgrade.

  3. Re: Tecra M5 - WiFi card upgrade
    Did you find an compatible WLan module for Tecra M5?
    If you have any news, please share it with us!


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