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Thread: BSOD on Satellite C660-1RR

  1. BSOD on Satellite C660-1RR
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    Nov 2013
    Hi, my laptop, Toshiba Satellite C660-1RR, is experiencing terrible problems. First, the blue screen (BSOD) will appear, and then, the laptop either shuts down or restarts again and again. Then upon shutting down, it only opens after hours later. When it is switched on, it doesn't last for even 5 minutes.

    All the drivers have been installed and re-installed but the same problem still exist.

    Please help.

  2. Re: BSOD on Satellite C660-1RR
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    May 2011

    There are different reasons for BSOD errors.
    The BSOD could appear due to serious software problems or hardware malfunction.

    You can check easily if its software or hardware related problem.
    Take your Toshiba Recovery disk and set the notebook back to factory settings.
    In case this will not solve the BSOD problem, the issue is caused definitely by hardware problems.

    Did you notice a higher internal temp?
    I had a similar problem with my 6 year old notebook. Because of the dust, the internal memory modules could not be cooled down and this caused BSOD.
    I had cleaned the cooling fans and removed the dust using compressed air spray.

    This solved by BSOD problem for a while…

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