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Thread: Satellite S50-A-10V: touchpad issue - charm bar slides out

  1. Satellite S50-A-10V: touchpad issue - charm bar slides out
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    Oct 2013
    Hello, I'm a very experienced user and am extremely frustrated with the mouse pad on my brand new Tosh S50.

    I am constantly finding the 'charms' bar appearing on the right hand side of the screen and the clock on the bottom left - for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

    The mouse pointer can be in the middle of the screen and still it happens.
    I do not believe I have a faulty mouse pad, I recon it's just a design flaw.

    To approximate how often this happens, I would say that with every 5 minutes of use the charms bar appears for no reason about 20 times - it's incredibly frustrating and distracts me from my work. I could disable the touchpad and use a mouse but that's not the point I need this working!!

    Anyone with any suggestions, or should I ask for a refund and buy something else?


  2. Re: Satellite S50-A-10V: touchpad issue - charm bar slides out
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    Sep 2009

    I think you are unaware of additional touchpad functionality and features.
    The touchpad seems to support additional gesture (multi touch). This additional touchpad function can be useful in case you want to control some notebook function directly.

    I recommend you reading the user manual (page 48) there you will find details about touchpad.
    For example the gesture “swipe” (quickly move the finger in from left the edge of the touchpad) show you recently opened apps. The swipe from right opens the Charm bar (search, share, start, devices, settings)

    So this _is definitely NOT touchpad problem_ but the additional feature.

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