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Thread: Sound doesn't work on my Satellite L745

  1. Sound doesn't work on my Satellite L745
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    Sep 2013
    l have Satellite L745 TOSHIBA laptop previously it work properly.
    But yesterday its sound didn't work.

    When laptop start time sound work well but after some times ( like a 10 min) it doesnt work.
    So i pluged head set then sound work through head set.

    After i unpluged a head set sound work through laptop speakers well. so i install win 8 and win 7 with latest sound driver in toshiba site but problem not solved yet.

    How can i solve that problem?
    Help me guys. Sorry for my poor English

  2. Re: Sound doesn't work on my Satellite L745
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    Sep 2009
    Huh on this virtual way it is not easy to say what is wrong there. If I understand you right you have problem with built in speakers only, right?

    Headphones works properly all the time. Is that correct?

  3. Re: Sound doesn't work on my Satellite L745
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    Oct 2013

    Is it like as*** said? Then maybe the port is dusty or defective. It seems that the automatical switch between the plugs and built in spekers does not work correctly. This is a hardware thing, I think. Maybe you could carefully use a vacuum cleaner (Staubsauger) to take away some dust. Do'nt really know if it would work. First shut down your device before using the vaccum cleaner ;-)
    kind regards


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