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Thread: Sound when Portege R830 is docked and lid screen is closed

  1. Sound when Portege R830 is docked and lid screen is closed
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    Sep 2013
    I have a fairly new Toshiba Portege R830 (PT321E-01E00YEN) laptop that does not use built in speakers if placed in a dock with the Laptop screen closed or the microphone.

    This causes problems when trying to work from just an external monitor but when I flip the lid open, it works fine.

    I'm using a port replication II ( PA3916B ) and when installed about a month ago, all the device drivers etc was updated to the lasted available so I think there is a software configuration option that just needs checking or disabling.

    Does anyone know where this might be?

    I have testing this on another older port replicator that was originally purchased for a R700-15R and have exactly the same problem so I don't think it is hardware related.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :-)

  2. Re: Sound when Portege R830 is docked and lid screen is closed
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    Please don't understand me wrong but for me this behavious sounds logic. When you close the lid internal speaker and mic placed near the cam are blocked so I don't know how do you want to use it.
    When notebook is closed and placed by side it is almost the same as desktop. All devices you need should be external devices and connected to the docking station.

    If you use your notebook on regular way but additionally external display for desktop extension you can use all internal devices of your notebook.

    In my opinion the point of docking station usage of different peripheral devices with your notebook but using docking station you can remove notebook and take it with you without disconnecting each of connected devices including AC power supply.

    To be honest I don't see there any problem. You can contact nearest Toshiba service and ask for opinion but I’m pretty sure the answer will be the same.

  3. Re: Sound when Portege R830 is docked and lid screen is closed
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    Hi Keany,

    Thanks for your response and understand your point with regards to the external peripherals being redirected via the dock.

    However I believe that modern devices have been developed to work in a number of different working methods and usually have an option to control the settings which is really what I'm looking for.

    For example, you can use a keyboard combination to change display screen modes to use both built in display as well as the external screen attached to the dock.
    With regards to Audio, my generally experience is that build in speakers are always used unless you plug in speakers to the headphones socket either on the back of the dock on on the side of the laptop.
    Typically, all other interfaces on the laptop ( USB ports, card reader etc ) can still be used whilst the laptop is docked allowing the laptop/dock to become very versatile.

    This particular issue has come to light as the user ( typically being the Managing director ) had an older Portege R700 model before that did ( and still does ) use the built in speaker when docked placed in a dock.
    The Portege model range do not appear to be complete overhauls in their design and in fact I had to produce the older model to the MD to show that he did in fact have a new laptop that was higher spec.

    I guess it is possible that the functionality has been removed through some driver updates but from my 16 years in the IT industry where I have automated and deployed hundred of laptop / desktop builds, in most circumstances... functionality is added and not taken away.

    Given that it worked on an older model and the other details I have outline above, I do treat this as an issue and would like to understand why it doesn't work on the superior model or simply know where the software option enable the use of the built in speakers whilst docked.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  4. Re: Sound when Portege R830 is docked and lid screen is closed
    Everything what you could do is to check the settings for available playback devices.

    In Control Panel -> Sound -> Playback tab you will find the devices which are used for sound output

    Be sure that internal speakers are set as default device.

    By the way: click right in playback tab and ensure that both options like “show hidden and disabled devices” are checked. This would show all devices in playback tab even if they are hidden or not in use (disabled).

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