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Thread: Qosmio G50-10h - strange display issues

  1. Qosmio G50-10h - strange display issues
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    Aug 2013
    My Qosmio G50 was running less brightly for a few months, then experienced intermittent fault whereby Qosmio logo would show on the screen, then the windows logo for a split second, then the screen would black-out completely. Restarting or hitting function f5 might resolve the situation. Now the problem has become permanent. I cannot get the screen working other than to show the qosmio logo, then a bit of the windows start up, then black-out.

    I have been through the maintenance manual and options are Inverter? Screen? fluoro? System board? That is the question... Without all the spares, it's difficult to determine what is the cause... I Have an inverter on order but they have sent two wrong parts and when the right one does eventually arrive i am not sure that's going to cure the problems

    Really need to use the computer. Your thoughts and assistance will be greatly appreciated

    Kind regards

    Simon Riley

  2. Re: Qosmio G50-10h - strange display issues
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    You are absolutely right: it is not easy to say what the problem can be. We can just speculate what part can be defective.
    Just one question: when you start notebook and try to enter BIOS settings can you see anything on the screen? When you leave it for a while is display after few seconds black too?

    Trying to start Windows in safe mode (F8 at start-up)?

  3. Re: Qosmio G50-10h - strange display issues
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    Aug 2013
    Macius, thanks for your thoughts...

    I tried f8 at start (don't know how to do the bios thing)... The f8 resulted in a black screen which I was able to flip into working for a second by pressing fn f5 twice (switch screens and backs again)... This cause a slight fizzing noise from the area of the inverted and then blackout again... Did this a few times as start up took place and then it stopped working and was irretrievably blacked out

    Does this help narrow down the search any further?


  4. Re: Qosmio G50-10h - strange display issues
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    To access the BIOS you need to press F2 immediately after the notebook has been powered up.

    However, in case only the internal display or FL inverter would be faulty, you should be able to output the video signal on an external display by switching the displays pressing Fn+F5

    In case the same would happen on external monitor, the graphic chip might be faulty.

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