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Thread: Satellite Pro L300 won't start

  1. Satellite Pro L300 won't start
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    Aug 2013
    I have got a Satellite Pro L300 laptop and it will not do anything on startup (in other words on pressing the power button and not going past very first screen).

    The keyboard works, but F2 ,F8 or F12 won't do anything, I can here the hard-drive powerup but its like no-one is at home. I don't know if its the motherboard or the on-board battery. The computer is about 7-8 yrs old

    Can anyone help.

  2. Re: Satellite Pro L300 won't start
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    Sep 2009
    It’s definitely nothing wrong with an RTC battery (as you said “onboard battery”).
    The RTC battery can be charged. The unit must be ON and AC adaptor has to be connected at least for about 18 hours.
    But I guess this isn’t a problem.

    The notebook does not boot because of hardware malfunction… but its difficult to say what part might be affected. But you should definitely check the RAM modules.
    This should be the first step since the RAM modules are easy to replace.

    All other parts should be checked by service guy.

  3. Re: Satellite Pro L300 won't start
    Yes, this it correct; the Ram modules should be checked. In my opinion you should use good, tested modules.
    Some years ago my notebook did not boot up because one of the modules died.
    This affected the notebook functionality and display stayed black even pressing the power button.

    At the other hand you could try this simple workaround. Sometimes this helps too:
    - remove battery, disconnect AC adaptor
    - press and hold the power button 30 sec long
    - connect both parts battery and ac adaptor and power up the unit.

    Good luck

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